Valkerase Keratinase Processing Enzyme


Valkerase® is a unique Keratinase processing enzyme used during the rendering process that naturally creates better quality, lower cost feather meal.

Valkerase was developed to improve the digestibility of poultry feathers. It does so by hydrolyzing the peptide bonds in the complex keratin protein in feather waste resulting in feather meal that is more easily digested by animals. This allows birds to use these nutrients from the meal that would otherwise remain undigested and go to waste, which historically was the main factor that limited the use of feather meal in poultry diets.

3D structure of Valkerase enzyme

3D structure of Valkerase enzyme depicted in ribbon form with a short peptide molecule bound in the enzymes active site.

Product Information

Valkerase gives benefits to meal producers, farmers and the environment by increasing feather processing productivity, improving the meal’s nutritional content and efficiently converting waste into protein.

  • Application rate: 1.5 kg/MT of wet feathers.
  • Storage: Store in original sealed bag under cool dry conditions. Store <30°C.
  • Packaging: 10 kg HDPE lined bags

Feather Meal Producer Advantages

Processing with Valkerase allows for more efficient hydrolyzation of feathers and therefore increases processing productivity. With Valkarase, feather meal requires lower cooking temperatures and times and yields a more consistent feather meal. The result is more nutritional feather meal at a lower cost.

Feather Meal User Advantages

Valkerase improves the nutritional content of feather meal, allowing for a higher inclusion rate in the feed which delivers significant savings. The use of Valkerase conserves amino acid content and improves digestibility, which leads to improved body weight gain and feed conversion rates.

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