Xylamax® is a unique xylanase enzyme designed for consistent all-around performance.

An endo-1, 4-beta-xylanase that improves animal nutrition and gastrointestinal fitness by breaking down non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in various feed grains’ cell walls to release valuable entrapped nutrients for digestion and decrease digesta viscosity.

3D structure of Xylamax enzyme

3D structure of Xylamax enzyme depicted in ribbon form with a xylan molecule bound in the enzymes active site.

Product Information

Xylamax is the most effective xylanase of its class in degrading xylans. It degrades xylans into xylooligosaccharides, which provides a prebiotic effect. Xylamax maximizes fiber digestibility, improves gut microbiota balance, degrades both soluble and insoluble xylans and optimizes animal performance. That means increased energy utilization by the animal and superior ROI for production systems.

  • Poultry: 100 g/MT of feed through all phases of growth.
  • Swine: 100 g/MT of feed through all phases of growth.
  • Storage: Store in original sealed bag under cool dry conditions. Store <30°C.
  • Packaging: 10 kg HDPE lined bags

Superior Production Performance

Xylamax out-performs other xylanases by releasing over 120 kcal ME/kg in corn-based diets and up to 150 kcal ME/kg in wheat-based diets. As a modified GH11 xylanase it works on all types of grains. It outperforms competitors in the physiological conditions of a bird’s GI tract to release maximum energy and accelerates digestion by reducing digesta viscosity and improving passage rate.

Increased Gastrointestinal Fitness

Xylamax delivers a prebiotic effect by degrading the non-digested xylans in feed and limiting pathogen growth in the GI tract which otherwise would use those xylans as nourishment. Birds fed diets containing Xylamax showed less severe necrotic lesions, increased villi height and reduced mucosal Malondialdehyde(MDA).

Xylamax Product Calculator

Not all Xylanases are the same, it’s time to upgrade yours. See how Xylamax can maximize your poultry or swine diets.