BioResource International (BRI) is a biotechnology company specializing in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance enzymes that help poultry and swine producers optimize animal nutrition. Based in Research Triangle Park, a major U.S. biotechnology hub in Durham, North Carolina, BRI’s vision is to harness the natural power of enzymes to make a difference in the world.

Founded in 1999, BRI has earned a reputation as a team of trusted enzyme experts who utilize their scientific expertise to create innovative products that solve nutritional and sustainability challenges facing meat producers around the world. BRI scientists hold advanced degrees and have extensive experience in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular genetics, fermentation, animal science and nutrition. They are committed to rigorous scientific methodology and thorough data analysis. The company has developed a strong portfolio of intellectual property in novel enzymes. BRI’s internal research initiatives are complemented by partnerships and sponsorships with leading animal and poultry science research institutions.

Co-founders, Dr. Jason Shih and Dr. Giles Shih

Co-founders, Dr. Jason Shih and Dr. Giles Shih

To date BRI has successfully developed and commercialized three enzyme products that are highly effective tools for managing rising feed costs and variability of feed grains in a way that is safe for animals, humans and the environment. The company’s first product, Versazyme® has become the leading protease in the global animal nutrition market and is recognized by producers as providing consistently superior performance across a wide range of feed stuffs. Valkerase® is an enzyme that improves the processing of feathers into high quality feather meal. BRI’s newest product Xylamax™ is an intrinsically thermo-stable xylanase that delivers consistent all-around performance in nutrient release and absorption, total energy availability, and feed conversion rate.

BRI products are designed, developed and tested in the U.S under strictly controlled conditions that ensure consistent quality and safety. The company’s manufacturing processes are designed for cost-efficiency and scalability, while complying with global standards including GMP and FAMI-QS. BRI also provides technical services and support for its products including specially developed quick assay kits to assist producers in confirming enzyme activity in the field. The company has formed and continues to build strategic relationships with selected global and regional distributors to ensure premium service to end users.

BRI was co-founded by the father and son team of Dr. Jason Shih and Dr. Giles Shih, who share academic and research experience in the field of animal nutrition and biotechnology, as well as a passion for the advancement of global environmental sustainability. A retired Professor of Biotechnology at NC State University, Dr. Jason Shih is recognized worldwide as an expert in environmental and agricultural biotechnology with over 100 scientific publications and several patents to his name.

Dr. Shih’s 1980’s research and development of a thermophillic digester that could generate power from poultry waste led to his discovery of keratinase, an enzyme that digests the keratin protein found in feathers. Further research proved that keratinase could also improve digestibility of animal feed. Recognizing the tremendous potential impact that enzymes could have on improving animal nutrition, production and sustainability, Jason and Giles set out to make their vision a reality.

BRI has been recognized regionally and nationally for the successful translation of academic research into a profitable, growing business within the emerging sector of agricultural biotechnology. In 2012, BRI made the Inc 500 list of fastest- growing privately owned businesses in the U.S.

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