BRI is a leading developer and supplier of feed additives that help poultry, swine and aqua producers optimize performance and gut health while maximizing profits in a sustainable manner. Based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, a major U.S. biotechnology hub, BRI applies the latest scientific techniques and rigorous data analysis to fuel the discovery, design, and production of specialty feed additives with functional characteristics that generate high value for animal producers.

Co-founded in 1999 by father and son Dr. Jason Shih and Dr. Giles Shih, BRI has built an experienced R&D team with a proven track record across the product development spectrum, from discovery to full scale production and commercialization. BRI has created a unique portfolio of proprietary products, technologies and know-how focused on feed additives that improve gut health.

BRI pioneered the first high-performance heat stable protease feed enzyme, Versazyme®, the best selling protease feed additive sold in the world. In addition, BRI has a developed a robust pipeline of novel and next generation products, each with promising research and trial results and significant addressable markets.

BRI products are designed, developed, and tested in the U.S. under rigorous scientific conditions that ensure consistent quality and safety. The company’s manufacturing processes are designed for cost-efficiency and scalability, while complying with global standards, including GMP and FAMI-QS. BRI maintains a well-established global distribution network across products and regions, providing global market access to our innovative products.

We look forward to connecting with you to explore how BRI’s products and technologies can help meet some of your most pressing production and profitability challenges.