EnzaPro® is a proprietary combination of direct-fed microbials (DFMs) and xylanase enzyme designed to support gastrointestinal fitness.

This unique combination works in feed formulations of poultry, swine and aqua diets. EnzaPro combines the energy released by the action of the xylanase enzyme, with a prebiotic effect of its unique xylanase action and a probiotic effect from the DFMs, along with the endogenous beneficial microbiota to provide a “Zymbiotic” effect. EnzaPro combines these actions to produce a healthy gut environment, supporting and promoting the survival and activity of beneficial gut microflora.

poultry feed with enzymes

Product Information

EnzaPro not only releases energy via its enzymatic function, but it also releases trapped nutrients, improves digestibility and provides a prebiotic and probiotic effect. It optimizes animal performance, decreases pathogenic bacteria’s ability to colonize the gut and thus promotes gastrointestinal fitness.

  • Poultry: 100 g/MT of feed through all phases of growth.
  • Swine: 100-300 g/MT of feed through all phases of growth. Consult with your technical representative for the appropriate dose by growth phase.
  • Storage: Store in original sealed bag under cool dry conditions. Store <30°C.
  • Packaging: 10 kg HDPE lined bags

Increased Gastrointestinal Fitness

EnzaPro delivers the benefits of prebiotic, probiotics and enzymes to the animal. This allows gut microbiota to maintain a healthier balance. EnzaPro has demonstrated the ability to reduce pathogenic load in birds at the same rate or higher than that of antibiotic growth promoters. EnzaPro may also help poultry and swine maintain gastrointestinal fitness.

Superior Production Performance

EnzaPro works on all types of grains at the physiological conditions of a bird’s GI tract to release maximum energy and accelerates digestion by reducing digesta viscosity and improving gut microbiota. It also reduces disease risk, decreases performance losses caused by detrimental pathogens, and treatment costs based on poor gut health.

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