The largest elements of BRI are our people and science. Science is in our DNA. It’s the basis of all we do. It’s simply who we are. Science is the bottom line. We are BRI.

Introducing Rasha Qudsieh, Manager, Animal Nutrition Department of R&D at BRI: Passionate about Science and Driving Innovation

Science is at the core of BRI, and it defines who we are as a team. We believe that science is the foundation of all our endeavors, shaping our approach and driving us forward. As a part of BRI, I am thrilled to introduce myself, Rasha Qudsieh, and share my journey in the scientific realm.

My scientific career began during my undergraduate studies in 1997 in Jordan, where I immersed myself in the unified education system. From an early stage, I was drawn to the scientific branch due to my deep interest in scientific study. While chemistry and biology fascinated me, it was conducting experiments and witnessing tangible results that ignited my true passion. The hands-on experience provided invaluable knowledge that I could personally engage with, learn from, and directly apply to daily life. Through nationwide placement testing in high school, I was selected for the animal production program based on my scientific path and academic performance. During this time, I collaborated with a professor who focused on small ruminants, enabling me to conduct various trials alongside them.

Following my undergraduate degree in Agriculture, I pursued a master’s degree in Animal Production becoming an Agricultural Engineer focusing on meat quality and carcass composition of rams while engaging in microbiology work with other faculty members. Continuously involved in academic research, I served as a research specialist at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. It is through these experiences that my love for working in the lab grew, as I realized the value of uncovering both the intricate details and the bigger picture.

After completing my studies, I joined North Carolina State University to explore the relationship between mineral nutrition and meat quality in monogastric animals. During my time there, I discovered my preference for poultry research due to its robust data stemming from numerous trials within a shorter timeframe, and its lack of seasonal variations compared to small ruminants.

While engaging in trials for various companies and attending scientific conferences, I had the opportunity to reconnect with BRI. Interestingly, my husband Basheer had been BRI’s nutritionist, so my familiarity with BRI predated my official association.

Connecting with the passionate individuals at BRI who shared my enthusiasm for science, I developed both personal and professional relationships that ultimately led me to my current role in Research and Development.

At BRI, my colleagues and I share a common passion for science and experimentation. We conduct trials in the lab, analyze the results, and collaborate with our fellow researchers, fostering an environment where we constantly strive for improvement. Our diverse range of perspectives and experiences strengthens the quality of our work. As part of the R&D team at BRI, I am actively involved in taking products from the bench to the market. It is crucial to me that every product we develop is supported by a solid scientific background and reliable data. As BRI originated from an academic institute with strong agricultural connections, our company’s foundation is deeply rooted in science. Each product undergoes rigorous research, instilling confidence and passion in me as an employee, knowing that the integrity of the science is never compromised.

BRI distinguishes itself within the industry through its unique structure. Our R&D team begins with microorganisms, engaging in upstream processing from strain development to product development. We then collaborate with the animal team to conduct trials, appreciating both the visible aspects of the product and the extensive research behind it. With firsthand experience of trying and witnessing the effectiveness of our products, I can confidently speak about their benefits. In a world where trust can sometimes be lacking, I find solace in knowing that I can always trust the science at BRI.

If you share our passion for scientific excellence and wish to join a team of like-minded individuals, we invite you to explore career opportunities at BRI. We are committed to fostering an environment where talented and driven professionals can thrive, making science the bottom line of our success.

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