We are excited to announce that BioResource International, Inc’s Xylamax has received the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Approval from The European Commission. Xylamax is a high-quality xylanase enzyme that has been scientifically developed to deliver consistent and premium performance across a wide range of feed formulations, production environments and practices used around the world.

The approval by EFSA is a significant achievement for BRI, as it shows our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable animal feed additives that optimize animal nutrition and gut health while maximizing profits for animal producers. With the continued expansion of BRI globally, we aim to improve animal health and welfare by providing safe and effective solutions to the animal feed industry.

Xylamax has been designed to improve animal nutrition and gut health in a safe and sustainable way, by breaking down the xylan component of plant cell walls and releasing more nutrients for animal digestion. This results in better feed efficiency, improved animal growth rates, and reduced feed costs for animal producers.

BRI CEO Dr. Giles Shih commented, “This is a significant and important step in our continued journey as BRI expands globally. I am proud of how our team worked closely with our team of consultants and with the EFSA authorities to make this approval a reality.”

We are committed to advancing animal feed additives that improve animal health and welfare, and we believe that Xylamax is an important part of that mission.

We invite you to learn more about Xylamax and our other innovative feed additives by visiting our Xylamax product page.

See the full press release here.