Flemming Mahs

In the dynamic world of animal nutrition, Flemming Mahs stands as a beacon of innovative transformation. His seamless blend of extensive background in various fields with a steadfast commitment to scientific advancement in animal nutrition is truly inspiring. Transitioning from electronics to the pioneering use of essential enzymes in animal feed formulation, Flemming’s unwavering dedication to employing science-backed strategies resonates with a strong organizational ethos of delivering proven solutions and tangible results. In a realm where clinical and commercial trials form the cornerstone of product development, his leadership ensures adherence to the highest standards of scientific integrity.

Growing up in Denmark, my childhood was a blend of electronics and extensive greenhouse farming. My early years were filled with experiments in shading mechanisms, automated irrigation systems, and various strategies to boost productivity.

This passion for continuous improvement and deeper understanding has been a constant, shaping my career path.

I began my academic journey with an accounting degree from Lindenwood University, followed by a CPA certification. I then joined an electronics firm, moving from an assistant controller to a plant manager, overseeing finance and operations. My academic pursuits peaked with a fully-sponsored MBA from the esteemed Washington University, Olin School of Business. This milestone signaled my shift into diverse roles in product management, marketing, sales, and global marketing, taking me to various global locations. I also co-founded a marketing agency, initiating my entry into the animal nutrition space.

My decision-making is firmly rooted in probability and statistical analyses, ensuring alignment with research, development, and successful application. This approach, centered on data evaluation and hypothesis development, consistently guides me toward innovative ideas and tangible outcomes. My focus is on identifying market needs and finding the right solutions, a drive that I bring to my role at BRI (BioResources International, Inc.). Here, advancing the enzyme movement, especially in the field of prebiotic and probiotic combinations, is central to our mission.

At BRI, the development of industry-defining products is an unambiguous scientific endeavor, anchored firmly in evidence and research. My beliefs are firmly grounded in science, with a particular passion for the science of fermentation. The extensive knowledge and expertise at BRI amplify my interest in fermentation technology. Our team ensures that our product offerings align with market needs, guaranteeing continued evolution and growth. In essence, the synergy of science and commerce underpins all our endeavors at BRI, ensuring our efforts are never in vain.