EnzaPro: Transforming the Thai Livestock Market with Innovative Gut Health Solutions and Feed Additives

We’re thrilled to share that BRI’s EnzaPro has made a groundbreaking entry into the Thai livestock market. EnzaPro, with its unique “Zymbiotic” effect, is engineered to foster a healthy gut environment, enhancing the survival and performance of beneficial gut microflora.

This strategic move into the Thai market underscores BRI’s dedication to pioneering innovative feed additives that not only amplify animal nutrition and gut health but also drive profitability for animal producers. As BRI’s global footprint widens, our goal remains steadfast: enhancing animal health and welfare through safe and impactful solutions in the animal feed domain.

EnzaPro stands out for its capability to optimize the animal’s intestinal system, curtail the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and bolster digestive capabilities in poultry and swine. Its natural composition promises superior gastrointestinal health, fortified immunity, and notable growth and performance without resorting to antibiotics.

Flemming Mahs, President of the BRI Animal Health & Nutrition division, expressed, “Our foray into the Thai market is a defining milestone as we amplify BRI’s global presence. The unwavering efforts of our team, in tandem with industry leaders and experts, have made this possible.”

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries in animal feed additives, with the welfare and health of animals at its core, is epitomized in EnzaPro’s innovative approach.

Dive deeper into EnzaPro and explore our array of avant-garde feed additives by navigating to our EnzaPro product page.

EnzaPro Thailand Launch

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