About Us

Message from CEO, Dr. Giles Shih

My father (Dr. Jason Shih) and I started BRI 16 years ago because we believe that biotechnology, and specifically enzymes, has tremendous potential for improving animal health and nutrition while minimizing the impact on natural resources and the environment. BRI’s mission is to use our expertise in these areas to help the animal agriculture industry economically and sustainably supply high value protein to feed the growing world population.


We have prevailed through the challenges inherent in the start-up of a new business, and with the tremendous effort of our internal team and external partners, are now a profitable, growing company with a multi-product portfolio and global reach.

We are building a culture of innovation based on a value system that we summarize as Grit, a word that means firmness of mind or spirit, unyielding courage in the face of hardship, and perseverance. At BRI, the acronym GRIT also stands for Growth of our company and employees, Respect for people and ideas, Integrity in our communications and way of doing business, and Teamwork which is characterized by optimism, positive attitudes, and novel outcomes.

I believe that our achievements and unique position within the animal agriculture industry are the result of our special blend of people, products, and processes. Demonstrating business success while living our core values allows us to attract the best and brightest scientific minds in our field and to build a top-quality, culturally diverse organization. We are pleased that our rigorous approach to research and data analysis has allowed us to continue to discover and develop innovative products that deliver premium performance. From the outset we have designed our manufacturing and business processes to be scalable, economical and sustainable  while complying with leading international quality standards.

We look forward to hearing and learning from you as we continue our journey to build a lasting legacy of biotechnology and innovation that makes a real difference in our world.