In anticipation of the global impact of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the feed industry, BioResource International, Inc. (BRI) has taken measures to ensure the safety of our employees and to continue production of our products.

BRI has taken the following actions:

  • Implemented a policy of working remotely when and where possible to reduce the risks.  This action was taken in accordance with local laws to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • Convened a taskforce of managers and department representatives to monitor the progression of the pandemic and its impact on employee safety and business operations.
  • Implemented a weekly virtual meeting to discuss employee health and business status, and to share best practices within the facilities.
  • Implemented additional cleaning at all facilities, created alternative schedules, and encouraged social distancing guidelines.
  • Implemented a No Travel policy for employees and a No Visitors policy at our facilities.
  • BRI’s Operations Team has worked proactively to reduce the potential impact to our supply chain/delivery of materials to BRI’s Apex Manufacturing Facility.

Although no significant interruptions to manufacturing are expected, BRI’s teams have plans in place that will allow us to continue the production and delivery of products in the event it becomes unfeasible for all employees to report to work.