The following is a representative list of research abstracts and articles written by BRI scientists and published in internationally recognized, peer-reviewed technical journals or meeting abstract booklets.

Author(s) Date Name of Article Name of Publication
B. Nusairat and J.J. Wang 2020 Xylanase and Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM) Potential for Improvement of Live Performance, Energy Digestibility, and Reduction of Environmental Microbial Load of Broilers Front. Vet. Sci
M.E. Duarte, J. Tyus, & S.W. Kim 2020 Synbiotic Effects of Enzyme and Probiotics on Intestinal Health and Growth of Newly Weaned Pigs Challenged With Enterotoxigenic F18+Escherichia coli Front. Vet. Sci.
J. Tyus, J. Dias and J.J. Wang 2020 Effects Of Dietary Supplementation Of A Novel Xylanase-Direct-Fed Microbial Feed Additive On The Growth Performance, Whole Body Nutrient Retention, And Nutrient Digestibility Of Juvenile Nile Tilapia Oreochromis Niloticus Fed Practical Diets With Reduced Energy Density Aquaculture America
M.E. Duarte, F.X. Zhou, W.M. Dutra Jr., and S.W Kim 2019 Dietary supplementation of xylanase and protease on growth performance, digesta viscosity, nutrient digestibility, immune and oxidative stress status, and gut health of newly weaned pigs Animal Nutrition, Volume 5, Issue 4
M. E. Duarte, J. Tyus, S. W. Kim 2019 Effects of dietary supplementation with xylanase and probiotics on growth performance and gut health of newly weaned pigs. J. Anim. Sci. Vol. 97, Suppl. S3
S. Page, J. McNaughton, B. Nusairat, J. Tyus, J.J. Wang 2019 Comparative effects of a xylanase-direct-fed microbial feed additive and a commercial coccidiostat on live performance, intestinal and environmental pathogens, and apparent metabolizable energy of broilers fed corn-soy-based diets and challenged with Clostridium perfringens and Eimeria spp. Poult. Sci. 98 (E-Suppl. 1)
B. Nusairat,  J. McNaughton, J. Tyus and J.J. Wang 2018 Combination of Xylanase and Bacillus Direct-fed Microbials, as an Alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters, Improves Live Performance and Gut Health in Subclinical Challenged Broilers International Journal of Poultry Science
B. Nusairat, M. Schwartz, J. Tyus, and J.J. Wang 2018 Effects of a commercial xylanase-direct-fed-microbial feed additive on gut health and livability of broilers raised under severe coccidiosis challenge conditions. Poult. Sci. 97 (E-Suppl. 1)
J. Tyus, D. Dong, B. Nusairat, and J. Wang 2018 Evaluation of graded doses of a xylanase-direct-fed microbial feed additive on live perfor-mance, gut health and nutrient digestibility of wean-to-finish pigs J. Anim. Sci. Vol. 96, Suppl. S3
B. Nusairat, J. McNaughton, F Zhou, and J.J. Wang 2017 Effect of xylanase, probiotics and their combination on broiler performance, intestinal lesion observation in responseto Eimeria and Clostridium perfringens challenges. Poult.Sci. 96 (E-Suppl. 1)