Valkerase Keratinase Processing Enzyme


Valkerase® is a unique keratinase processing enzyme processing additive that creates better quality, lower cost feather meal naturally.

Discovered by Dr. Jason Shih, co-founder of BRI, Valkerase hydrolyzes keratin peptide bonds in feather waste, resulting in feather meal that is more easily digested by animals.


Processing with Valkerase:

  • Requires lower cooking temperatures and shorter cooking time
  • Increases feather processing productivity
  • Yields a more consistent and nutritional feather meal
  • Reduces processing odor
  • Can be used effectively in either batch or continuous processing

3D structure of Valkerase enzyme

3D structure of Valkerase enzyme depicted in ribbon form with a short peptide molecule bound in the enzymes active site.


Feather meal processed with Valkerase:

  • Has improved nutritional content which allows higher inclusion rate in feed
  • Conserves amino acid content and improves digestibility
  • Improves body weight gain and feed conversion rate


  • Processing feathers with Valkerase efficiently converts waste to low cost, good quality source of protein for animal production
  • Feather meal processing with Valkerase requires less energy consumption
  • Producing feather meal with Valkerase reduces odor pollution

Success with Valkerase

Natural Nutrients Co., an animal feed additive distributor in Southeast Asia, discovered the power of BRI’s innovative enzyme technology when they began using Valkerase.

Founded in 2004, Natural Nutrients initially focused on selling a product used in the production of feather meal, a natural bi-product used in the poultry industry. “We had been selling a combination of protease, lipase and a chemical additive for many years and were content,” says Steve Caskey, Managing Director of Natural Nutrients. “But about six years ago, BRI offered us a product called Valkerase, which not only was 10% cheaper to use, it did not require the use of a chemical additive, and it enabled the processing to be done at lower temperatures and under less corrosive conditions.” According to Mr. Caskey, “by using Valkerase, we gained all the same benefits – better quality feather meal, better digestibility – as the other product, but at significantly less cost and with better management because it was easier to use.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Valkerase

Other than feathers, what proteins can be improved by using Valkerase?

Valkerase was originally developed by BRI to improve the digestibility of poultry feathers, but anecdotal evidence suggests that it is possible to use Valkerase to improve the digestibility of other protein sources such as fish meal and meat and bone meals.

What is the application, inclusion rate, and stability of Valkerase?

Valkerase is a dry powder that is added at a rate of 1.5 kg per metric ton (or 3.3 lb per U.S. ton) of raw feathers before cooking. Dry Valkerase powder is stable at room temperature and dry storage up to 50° C.

Where can I get a sample of Valkerase?

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What is the recommended batch process procedure for making Valkerase-treated feather meal?

  1. Load 500 kg raw feathers (50%–60% moisture) into batch cooker
  2. Dissolve 1.5 kg Valkerase into 10–20L of water (Valkerase Solution)
  3. Add Valkerase Solution on top of feathers and mix well
  4. Load additional 500 kg raw feathers (50%–60% moisture) into batch cooker
  5. Incubate at 50°–60°C for 45 min (CAUTION: do not exceed 60°C during this 45 min stage)
  6. Slowly increase temperature to 120°C–125°C and pressure to 1.8–2.0 bar (15-20 min)
  7. Hold temperature and pressure constant for 20 min with agitation
  8. Release pressure (15–20 min) and dry feather meal

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