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Trusted Enzyme Experts

Our company has earned a reputation as a team of trusted enzyme experts who utilize their expertise in biotechnology to create innovative products that solve nutrition and sustainability challenges facing meat producers around the world. Members of our technical team have advanced degrees and extensive experience in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular genetics, fermentation, animal science and nutrition. They are committed to rigorous scientific methodology and thorough data analysis to fuel the discovery, design and production of premium quality enzyme feed additives.

The company’s research initiatives have resulted in the development of a strong portfolio of patent protected novel enzymes and a considerable library of published research in peer-reviewed journals. The company headquarters houses a complete laboratory for research, identification, and development of unique enzymes. Once isolated, new enzymes are thoroughly tested in the lab to confirm performance characteristics. Successful formulations are then tested in multiple animal trials at leading animal and poultry science research institutions around the world.