All over the world animal agriculture producers must look to produce more protein affordably and sustainably; in doing so they face many challenges. Since feed costs constitute around 70 percent of the cost of producing meat or eggs, it is paramount to optimize the animals’ diets. Enzymes are one of the key tools in a nutritionist’s toolkit to ensure the animal gets the most out of its diet. Enzymes play a key role in managing both nutrition and animal health. In this multi-part video series, we discuss how enzymes benefit animal agriculture today and how BRI is contributing to that effort.

BRI is committed to animal agriculture and to the science behind our enzymes.

The history of enzymes and their uses.

An explanation of how enzymes work.

Real-world examples of enzyme use.

Learn more about fiber degrading enzymes.

Learn more about protein degrading enzymes.

An explanation of challenges in modern agriculture and how enzymes address these challenges.

An explanation of feeding enzymes with the on-top application strategy.

An explanation of feeding enzymes with the reformulation application strategy.

Physical characteristics of common enzymes.

Consideration when choosing an enzyme for a diet.

Learn more about BRI’s products.