BRI’s Unique and Patented Enzymatic Solution Now Available in Mexico to Increase Producer Profitability, Maximize Sustainability and Contribute to Better Gastrointestinal Fitness 

Durham, North Carolina (April 21, 2021) –   When my Father and I founded BRI two decades ago based on his innovative research in the Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University, we optimistically named the company BioResource International. Even though we had no international business activity or presence, we knew that the technology we were commercializing would one day be accepted worldwide. Fast forward to 2021 and our products enjoy distribution in over 45 countries and even amid a global COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing to build on that global business strategy with the recent launch of our innovative Xylamax® product in Mexico.

Why does this matter? BRI’s vision is to provide innovative, science-driven solutions for animal health and nutrition. In order to fulfill that vision, we target key markets that are receptive to the benefits and value that our technologies bring. Mexico is a key player in the agricultural sector and ranks 7th globally in broiler production, 5th in egg production, and 10th in pork production. We believe that BRI’s Xylamax®, a unique and patented xylanase enzyme specifically designed to liberate the maximum amount of entrapped nutrients in poultry and swine diets, would be a great fit for the needs of that country’s animal industry. As we conducted user surveys about the challenges the industry faces in Mexico, we were increasingly excited about the opportunity for our innovative solutions to bring more affordable protein to consumers, provide economic sustainability, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Bringing More Affordable Protein to Market:

Did you know that poultry and swine are only physically able to utilizeabout 85-90 percent of the energy in their diets?  That may sound like enough, but every point of improvement counts. Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) are complex carbohydrates that entrap nutrients in cell walls. Xylamax’s unique properties liberate trapped nutrients by breaking down the complex chains into smaller chains that an animal can utilize. Breaking down these shorter chains into two to five unit chains provides the beneficial bacteria in the animal gut with a readily available source of energy, creating what is known as the prebiotic effect. Xylamax therefore provides more energy to animals resulting in better meat or egg production.

Providing Economic Sustainability

So how does digestibility impact the bottom line? Over 70 percent of production cost is attributed to feed and diet. Xylamax breaks down the non-degradable portion of grains, and other plant meal sources, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, and soy-bean meal, releasing entrapped nutrients. In BRI’s global animal trials, Xylamax yielded 50 percent more kilocalories (kcal)/kg diet than other xylanases on the market. That is an increase of two percent energy in total diets, which can add up to significant economic value over time.

Contributing to environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot buzzword these days that can mean different things to different people. Oftentimes, sustainability is framed as an “Either-or” equation – either be ecologically responsible or maximize profits. At BRI, we see sustainability as a “Both-and” – our solutions aim to provide sustainability from two perspectives, both economic sustainability, as discussed above, and environmental sustainability. As stated above, Xylamax creates a more profitable, and therefore economically healthy, production system, since it allows producers and nutritionists to formulate more energy-efficient diets. In addition, Xylamax also contributes a lower carbon footprint by allowing nutritionists to reformulate diets with 4-6 percent less grain.

Furthermore, the science behind enzymes also contributes to reducing the levels of ammonia, phosphorus and carbon emissions in the poultry house. Reducing the emissions of these compounds creates a virtuous cycle that allows for decreased emissions in other areas of the production system. By doing so, Xylamax contributes to a more sustainable food chain globally.

At BRI we are extremely excited to expand our portfolio to serve our customers in Mexico. As we continue to work toward supporting a more globalized food chain and support customers, we will strive to help provide more affordable protein, and greater economic and environmental sustainability. With our partners at ABWise, we hope to serve our customers well as we work to fulfill our shared mission of helping to feed the world by providing innovative, science-driven solutions for animal health and nutrition.​