New Xylanase to Mexico Brings Potential for Increased Efficiency in Poultry and Swine Production  

BRI’s Xylamax has profound activity and can lower feed cost and increasethe ROI resulting in a much higher profitability compared to other commercial Xylanases. 

Durham, North Carolina (April 15, 2021) – BioResource International announced the launch of its product Xylamax in Mexico on Wednesday. This product provides up to a 50 percent increase in energy release compared to similar products in poultry and swine diets. More than 70 percent of animal production cost is attributed to feed cost. Therefore, adding the proper xylanase enzyme allows poultry & swine producers and nutritionists to minimize feed cost while producing similar or better performance. By doing this, they can provide more yield (meat & eggs) at a lower price. 

“Between the COVID-19 pandemic, weather events globally, and increased demand by consumers for affordable animal protein, producers are facing more challenges than ever. Some of these include high feed ingredient costs, like corn and soy, less nutritious alternative ingredients, economic and environmental sustainability, and raising healthy animals. Xylamax can contribute positively in all these areas.” said Dr. Sandra Rodrigues, BRI’s LATAM Technical consultant. 

Xylamax degrades arabinoxylansthe most abundant non-digestible anti-nutritional component of cell walls of common grains like corn, soy, sorghum, wheat and moreXylamax degrades these complex carbohydrates into smaller units that can be utilized by the animal. By doing so, Xylamax increases the release of energy in the gut of the animal, as well as releasing some of the nutrients normally trapped within the complex xylan structure.  Xylamax, specifically developed for its ability to improve the efficiency of animal diets, enables nutritionists to reformulate diets for poultry and swine. It is now available for purchase through AB Wise and backed by BRI’s global team of trusted experts.  Contact your AB Wise representative to trial this product in your system.