Research Scientist

BRI is looking to add a Research Scientist to our R&D team at our corporate office in Durham, NC. The position reports to the R&D Manager. The Research Scientist will conduct research in enzyme engineering, expression, and characterization for the development of enzyme feed additives. In addition, the Research Scientist will generate new hypotheses and technology initiatives and develop these into research programs to develop new and improved products.

Responsibilities & Principal Activities:

  • As a team lead in one or more technical areas in biotechnology, identify needs and opportunities, set targets and metrics, create and execute plans to continually develop and enhance R&D capabilities, both internally and externally.
  • Lead the proposal, design, planning and execution of biotechnology research projects; participate in others as members.
  • Train and mentor junior colleagues in biochemistry, molecular biology, and related fields as well as conducting research experiments.
  • Manage project teams to ensure proper execution of tasks and timely delivery of defined outcomes.
  • Actively acquire knowledge in the industry, customers, and products, and apply it to improve the quality and performance of new and existing products.
  • As a technical expert in specific areas, systematically organize research findings, and proactively develop and share valuable insight with R&D and commercial teams.
  • Use appropriate media and formats to communicate technical information effectively to commercial teams, partners, customers as well as scientific community.
  • Assist commercial teams as well as customers in understanding the product characteristics and performance, varying applications, and optimal field evaluations to derive maximum benefits.

Education / Qualifications / Background Requirements:

  • Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, or related field.
  • 3+ years of experience in conducting research related to gene cloning, biochemical characterization, and enzymology in either academic or industry settings.
  • Strong background in molecular biology, preferably with gram positive microorganisms.
  • In depth understanding of protein analysis methods, with focus on enzymology.
  • Experience with general biochemical and molecular biology principles (i.e. protein expression, basic enzymology, protein and DNA gel electrophoresis, genomic DNA isolation, PCR, cloning, etc.).
  • Knowledge of product development and commercialization process, industry practices, products, markets and key customers.
  • Proficient in statistical design and analysis of experiments
  • Demonstrated ability in effectively communicating information and knowledge to various audiences.
  • Experience with project management and leadership is advantageous.

Behaviors & Key Performance Factors:

  • Strong focus on achieving results, as opposed to completing tasks.
  • Strong ownership in areas of responsibility or expertise.
  • Conceptual and analytical thinking,

Résumés (with position title in the headline) may be emailed directly to