Research Associate

BRI is currently seeking a research associate to support projects related to new enzyme product development in the animal nutrition area. Daily tasks may include performing enzyme activity assays, as well as developing, optimizing, and validating new assays. The candidate is expected to have a strong background in microbiology, biochemistry, and other related areas. The candidate should have strong technical, organizational, and communication skills, also the ability to develop solutions to challenging problems.

Responsibilities & Principal Activities:

  • Independently design experiments and troubleshoot as needed.
  • Routinely apply microbiology or biochemistry knowledge in performing assays or developing assays.
  • Work as a part of a scientific team to implement experimental plans.
  • Manage projects within defined target time frames.
  • Communicate results of experiments with colleagues in written technical reports and oral presentations.
  • Support enzymatic studies with external partners for regulatory and sales purposes.
  • Assist with regularly assigned laboratory maintenance duties.

Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in chemistry, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology or related fields, or bachelor’s degree in the above fields with 2 years of relevant experience.
  • Highly skilled in assay optimizing and assay validation are preferred.
  • Experience in protein biochemistry/enzymology, including enzyme kinetics, protein characterization, analytical biochemistry, and enzyme assay development.
  • Knowledge and experience in statistical design and analysis of experiments.
  • Must have the ability to clearly and effectively present scientific data and concepts to colleagues and teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in coordination with senior scientific staff and follow detailed instructions are required.