BRI Introduces the most efficient Xylanase into the feed industry in Mexico

New Xylanase to Mexico Brings Potential for Increased Efficiency in Poultry and Swine Production   BRI’s Xylamax has profound activity and can lower feed cost and increase the ROI resulting in a much higher profitability compared to other commercial Xylanases.   Durham, North Carolina (April 15, 2021) – BioResource International announced the launch of its product Xylamax in Mexico on Wednesday. This product provides up to a 50 percent increase in energy release compared to similar products…

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BioResource International, Inc. Names New Chief Commercial Officer

Durham, North Carolina (April 01, 2021) – BioResource International (BRI) announced Flemming Mahs will join their executive leadership team in the role of Chief Commercial Officer, with a focus on portfolio commercialization. “BRI understands the importance of having a customer-centric go to market strategy. We are excited to have Flemming on board to help us deliver on…

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Published Article: The Effect of a Xylanase on production and gastrointestinal fitness in Broilers

The Effect of a Modified GH11 Xylanase on Live Performance, Gut Health, and Clostridium perfringens Excretion of Broilers Fed Corn-Soy Diets Providing adequate quantities of animal protein to meet the demands of a continuously growing population requires that livestock producers must increase the production efficiency of farm animals. This can be achieved through improved genetics, management, and…

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