A Natural Enzyme That Grows Bigger Birds and Fatter Wallets

Small chickenVersazyme is a keratinase-based natural enzyme feed additive that increases protein digestibility, helping producers grow bigger, healthier animals while providing significant environmental benefits.

This heat-stable enzyme can help you save on feed costs, produce more meat or produce the same amount faster—the choice is yours.

In addition, Versazyme is a socially responsible choice—it can lower nitrogen and ammonia while offering a natural alternative to antibiotics.

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In commercial studies, Versazyme has

  • Boosted body weight gain
  • Improved feed conversion up to 10 points
  • Increased breast meat yield
  • Increased total meat yield more than 18 pounds per ton of feed
  • Cut crude protein needs by 10% while delivering the same results as a higher protein diet
  • Helped harvest more live birds
  • Increased uniformity

In trials, adding Versazyme to lower protein diets (21%)* increased broiler body weight and improved feed efficiency (gain per kg feed) to levels similar to feeding higher protein diets (23%). Similar results were seen with egg production when laying hens were fed a diet containing Versazyme .

Versazyme feed efficiency graph



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