Fang Zhou


Fang Zhou, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Development

Dr. Fang Zhou came to BRI in 2014 with considerable experience in the management of research and development for life sciences businesses.   As R&D Director, Fang is responsible for leading the team of scientists that drive the company’s product development and animal nutrition initiatives.

Before joining BRI, Fang was a Senior Consultant with Valeocon Management Consulting (a boutique international firm specializing in life sciences), where he helped clients improve business performance in R&D, Operations, and Commercial functions.  Prior to consulting, he was a manager with Merck Research Laboratories, supporting transformational initiatives and capability building in the R&D division. Fang gained first-hand experience developing and commercializing technology and products for life science research when he helped build a biotechnology start-up, which was subsequently acquired by Invitrogen (now ThermoFisher).

Fang received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University.